Dreams: A little part of us

“Dreams are not just dreams, it is a part of us.”

Dreams, who doesn’t have dreams? Everyone has. The dreams that have faith to be fulfilled, wishes to be delighted by fulfilling something, from little things to bigger- a vision. Yes, we are dreamers- our dreams and wishes are vast, we can not stop even if we want to, that makes us who we really are. Some dreams catch our hearts and we want to spend our whole life with them whereas some are just dreams, which will be just dreams. Dreams are the key to ourselves, to our soul, by fulfilling them someday, we’ll be satisfied in a little way. Dreams are called dreams because there isn’t any surety of fulfillment, just hope make us walking. But hope never dies! Hope makes everything happen magically.Fly with your dreams like birds in the sky, never loose hope you’re going to fulfil it some day and that rejoice will last longer! Never stop dreaming.


9 thoughts on “Dreams: A little part of us

  1. there is a difference between dreams, hopes and desires. I have a desire to do this and that but sometimes it does not happen and I think the expectations will come at a later time. Perhaps


    1. Yeah, there is difference between these three but its hard to differentiate between dream and desire. But dreams are generally not in our reach that’s why it are called dreams. Yeah we feel we will succeed at later time but nothing goes with what we expect😅 hope you fulfil your well-wished dreams and your good desires at the right time with right way.😄


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